Etgar Human Resources Group

Established in 1987, the Etgar Human Resources Group is a veteran HR leader, engaged in employee recruitment, screening, placement and employment in Israel.

Etgar – Seek No Longer, isn't just a slogan or a catchphrase, it is the guiding principal for the organization's managers and employees. It is a proclaimed goal and a clear commitment between Etgar and its customers: to create an effective, professional and discrete platform that enables employers to quickly cap their demand for working hands, while at the same time providing a decent, rewarding and convenient place of employment for job seekers.

The real fruits of our labors are expressed by the thousands of employees who, with Etgar's help, are employed every month. Our modest contribution is reflected by the large number of happy families that make a respectful living and reach economic independence.

Etgar's permanent and temporary employment options are known and respected by the market's largest organizations. Etgar represents Israel's entire working population, from all sectors, religions and cultures.  For recruitment purposes, Etgar specializes in a wide range of professions and its nationwide branches are open 6 days a week for the convenience of job seekers.  Etgar's professionalism is recognized and valued among employers, nationwide. Our customers include: banks, investment houses, insurance and credit companies, technological companies from the hi-tech and startup communities, Israel's largest national service companies, industrial companies, government offices and more.

Etgar Human Resources is the strategic human resources arm of its customers, major Israeli companies employing hundreds and thousands of employees.  Etgar provides employers with a flexible service package, suited for their needs and adjusted demands throughout their business activities.
The service package includes: Recruitment, placement and employment services.

Placing its customers and candidates at the summit of its organizational priority, led Etgar to establish the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This standard, which we are proud to adhere to, obligates the company – its managers and employees – to constantly improve the quality of service given to our customers, obligates the company to surveys,  performance evaluations, and to serious and thorough examination of complaints received at company headquarters and company branches. Etgar is always ready to diligently consider any improvement proposal made by our customers or our employees, and is committed to making technological improvements to help enhance the service provided by our staff.

Etgar's 25 years recipe for success lies in the quality of service provided to employers and job seekers in Israel. We believe that flawless service alone leads to the required long-term connection between employer and employee.

Etgar – Seek No Longer.